Custom Blending and Filling

Chemisphere can manufacture a diverse variety of products in small to large batches. Specializing in mass manufacture of Personal Care Products, Industrial Products, and denatured Ethanol,

Chemisphere has the ability to meets your needs no matter how large. Of course, not all projects begin with mass volume.

Chemisphere is a tremendous asset to your company here as well, housing a small filling line for those orders that require less than 40,000 pound batches. This will help you get your project off the ground at reasonable costs.

Need help with a formula? Our Product Development team can assist you in formulating a top notch product at base rate cost. If you already have the specifics of a project put together right down to the sourcing, contact us for information on out Toll Manufacturing program.

Custom Blending

Custom Blending

Custom Blending – batch sizes from 55 gallons to 7500 gallons
Product Viscosity – from water-thin to > 20,000 cps, depending on rheology
Stainless steel and polyolefin tanks available
Industrial solvents and water-based blends
Health and beauty aid blends (e.g. nail polish removers, shampoo, mouthwash)
FDA regulated blends (e.g. hand sanitizing gels, antibacterial soaps)
EPA regulated blends (e.g. herbicides, disinfectants)
On site bulk solvent storage with rail spur access
On site RO water processing system
Develop custom cleaning & blending procedures (SOPs) specific to product or customer as required
Dedicated product storage (tank/tanker, semi-bulk totes) available
Custom Filling
Custom Filling
6-head line fillers and 5-gallon pail filler – gravity/level
Fill bottles and cans to 5 gallons
Gram/pound scales for checking fill weights
Fill free-flowing liquids with existing equipment
Fill semi-viscous liquids with equipment modifications
Bottle coding with ink-jet printer/coder (date/time, sequence, B/L, etc.)
Box coding with ink-jet printer/coder (date/time, sequence, B/L, etc.)
Cap torque
Box and case taper/sealers
Palletize products with stable stacking patterns, stretch wrapping and pallet labels
(ID, B/L no., Sales order, etc.)
Develop custom filling procedures (SOPs) specific to product or customer as required


Quality & Process Control

Quality & Process Control


In house laboratory testing available:

  • GC-FID, GC-TCD (purity, blend accuracy)
  • Density, specific gravity (lb./gal. Cup or hydrometer) – ASTM D 891
  • Karl Fischer water testing – ASTM D 1744
  • Viscosity (Brookfield)
  • Refractive Index – ASTM D 1218
  • % Solids (loss @ 1050 C)
  • Flash Point (Tag closed cup)
  • pH
  • Various titrametric methods
  • Develop QC analytical procedures (SOPs) specific to product or customer as required
  • Test product batches prior to filling. When approved, mark with appropriate labels
  • Where intermediate storage is utilized, product in each container is re-tested for approval and marked before releasing to filling line

Line sample checks – start, middle, end run:

  • Product quality (GC or other testing)
  • Container and box labeling and codes (visual inspection for accuracy and placement)
  • Fill level and fill weight (visual and scale wt.)
  • Proper tightening/sealing of caps and seals (visual check and/or manual testing)
  • Box inserts added (e.g. MSDS), box properly filled & closed/taped
  • Retain blending and filling samples for required time
  • Maintain batch/filling/analytical records and retain for required time
  • Provide quality Certifications of Analysis or Compliance as required
  • Assist customer in development of product specifications


Wrong product filled

  • Each storage container sampled, tested, and marked with product name, lot number and approval sticker.
  • Filling line personnel check each container for correct product name, lot number and approval sticker before moving to filling area
  • QC line sample checks for product ID/quality, container fill weight
  • Old stickers removed from empty containers
  • Dedicated, labeled and sealed product storage

Wrong product label

Wrong bar code/batch number

Unmatched product label and bar code on can or box

  • Proper can and box labels set aside for each order
  • Bar code stickers with batch numbers run and set aside with product labels – correct amount for each batch
  • Each batch-boxes, cans-labeled immediately prior to filling
  • Pallets of cans and boxes checked prior to filling
  • QC line checks on labels and bar code stickers

Under/over fills

  • All product containers filled to documented specification fill limits
  • QC line checks on container weights, documented
  • Fill weight specifications documented and on work orders used by filling line personnel

Batch uniformity – Batch size – Batch tracking

  • Run batch on campaign basis – run until entire batch is packaged
  • Batch size based on existing orders and product forecast
  • Large volume blends will be broken down to multiple (smaller) batches, each separately tested and numbered
  • Boxes coded by batch and date. Cans coded by batch, date, fill sequence

Standard Operating Procedure application and implementation

  • Documentation – general SOPs for filling and other SOPs specific to product or customer
  • Documents for work orders, product specification, on-line QC checks available and utilized


Toll Manufacturing

Toll Manufacturing

Chemisphere continues a long standing tradition of providing a manufacturing facility that can be suited to fit YOUR needs. Instantly increase your capacity, help streamline your production, all while garnering technical expertise and reducing capital risk. Now you can concentrate your time on sales, inventory, and management.

Maybe you have your own formulas. Maybe you have your own manufacturing processes and just need an outside manufacturer to follow your directions. Maybe business is so good that you have reached excess capacity and just need outside manufacturing help some of the time. Maybe you have a product line that it only makes sense to outsource. Whatever the case may be, we can work with your company to provide a reliable, efficient, and cost effective alternative as a toll manufacturer.

Toll manufacturing pricing is based upon several factors, including but not limited to batch sizes, container sizes, manufacturing and filling requirements, and term of commitment.

If you have a project that is a candidate for Chemisphere’s Toll Manufacturing, contact us today!


Product Development

Product Development

Chemisphere’s Research and Development team can help get your project off of the ground and running. From conception, through the development and testing phases, and straight . And don’t worry about the security of your product….Chemisphere’s planning, development, logistics, and production is conducted in full cooperation with our clients through customary non-disclosure legal covenants.



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