Your Ethanol Partner

We use our relationships with major ethanol manufacturers to consistently source high quality bulk ethanol, and serve industries ranging from alcohol production to botanical extraction and personal care.


We provide Grain Neutral Spirits (GNS) and Neutral Grain Spirits (NGS) to a variety of manufacturers in the beverage industry. With our extensive knowledge, strong buying power, and blending capabilities, we are the perfect cost-effective partner for your food grade ethanol.

Our alcohol products include:

  • 190 Proof Ethanol
  • 200 Proof Ethanol
  • Custom Proof Ethanol

Botanical Extraction

Our food grade alcohol is the best solution for botanical extraction, medicinal tinctures, and extracting essential oils. As an FDA grade facility with an established logistics network, we have the capacity to warehouse and deliver non-GMO, organic certified, kosher, and gluten-free ethanol nationwide.

Our botanical extraction products include:

  • 190 Proof Ethanol
  • 200 Proof Ethanol
  • Custom Proof Ethanol
  • Completely Denatured Ethanol

Personal Care

We supply pure and denatured alcohol to a variety of applications, ranging from hand sanitizers and lotions, to fragrances and detergents. Our specially denatured alcohol, completely denatured alcohol, and custom blends are available in multiple packaging options.

Our personal care products include:

  • SDA 40B
  • SDA 3C
  • SDA 3A

Industrial Ethanol

We manufacture denatured alcohol for a variety of industrial uses. Our industrial ethanol is applied in paint, adhesives, coating, and a number of industrial cleaning industries.

Our industrial ethanol products include:

  • Special Industrial Solvent
  • Proprietary Solvent
  • Completely Denatured Alcohol

Packaging Options:

  • Bulk Transport
  • 275 Gallon Totes
  • 55 Gallon Drums
  • 5 Gallon Pails

Our Ethanol Services

Bulk Distribution Capabilities

From our strategically located facility, we have the capability to bulk distribute GNS/NGS and denatured ethanol across the entire United States. With our fleet of bulk and box trucks, we can consistently deliver products on time and in a variety of quantities.

Ethanol to Meet Your Needs

With over 100,000 gallons of tank storage, partnerships with major ethanol providers, and custom blend capabilities, we are able to offer the ethanol you need.

Responsive to Your Needs

As a regional powerhouse in the chemical distribution and blending industry, we have the ability and expertise to meet all of your needs - with national distribution capabilities. However, our personal approach to business allows us to be responsive to the requirements of your business.

Our alcohol products include:

  • 190 Proof Ethanol
  • 200 Proof Ethanol
  • Specific Proof NGS
  • Organic Ethanol
  • Cane Alcohol

Why Partner With Chemisphere?

Quality Guaranteed

All inbound materials and outbound products are tested in our on-site analytical laboratory, ensuring that our solutions meet your requirements - guaranteed.

Custom Blends

With tanks ranging from 55-7,700 gallons, we have the capacity to create a custom blend to fit your requirements.

Nationwide Supply Chain

With our fleet of box trucks and tankers, you can be assured of high quality, reliable delivery of your industrial products, every time.

Personalized Service

Our partners are at the heart of everything we do; our mission is to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We achieve this by creating a personal relationship with you and your company, ensure your products are delivered on time, and your product meet the exact chemical formula required.

Responsive to You

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our partners with the flexibility and personalized service of a small distributor, while offering the professionalism and manufacturing capabilities of a large corporation.

Industry Experts

We believe that as your chemical manufacturing partner we should add real value during every interaction, that’s why all of our staff members are experts in the chemical manufacturing industry.

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